mipacademy 2014 – How to Prolong a Successful & Long Running Format? Presented by Kim Tae-ho

무한 News/기사 & 인터뷰 2015. 1. 6. 23:00

“Infinite Challenge” is a real variety show with irregular challenges 

and irregular stories for every episode, not tied in any fixed form. 

Thus the unique characters of these 6 friends and the story of their evolution 

is the core element of “Infinite Challenge”It was within “Infinite Challenge” 

that they made their names known and popular, grabbed the success, met love, 

married and formed a family of their own. 

Korean audience watched the life story of these 6 ‘Trumans’, laughed with them, 

shed tears with them, and shared sympathy with them all through the years! 

All these made it possible for “Infinite Challenge” to become a Korean legendary real variety show 

with the most creative and dramatic elements. 

2015 will mark “Infinite Challenge” 10th Anniversary!

Producer Kim Tae-ho from Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) shares 

his experience on the success behind this long running format show. 

What are some of the changes and new addition segments 

that he has done to keep the strong momentum going, 

maintaining the continuing success in rating and satisfying the ever-changing demands 

and viewing habits from the audience. 

Producer Kim shares his insight stories on how he turned 

Infinite challenge into one of Asia’s most renowned branded format show.

Moderator: Marianne Lee, Vice President – Content, General Entertainment, Turner International Asia Pacific Limited, Hong Kong SAR