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하하 트위터(@Quanninomarley)

big up usain bolt fi life~ ^^ one luv Jah bless! 

We a travel from far from the east love to meet you.@usainbolt 

pic.twitter.com/mGosvOdW2M (원문)

We really ×100 wanna meet U! 

Anyting u want from Korea .mek mi know

.Do u like ginseng? Respect my brotha! @usainbolt 

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“@usainbolt pic.twitter.com/MN0io4DxkC (원문)


@usainbolt pic.twitter.com/H0nwaIjuuk (원문)

Nuff Nuff Respect to U Brotha!!!!!!!

@usainbolt pic.twitter.com/jCVx49QmKJ (원문)

wa gwan mi boss!! 

we r in jamaica now!!

Could u rememba us??!!!

@usainbolt pic.twitter.com/qYx2BU2e7l (원문)

Jamaica~!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk


@usainbolt pic.twitter.com/GdYPoAp7b0 (원문)

wa gwan mi bredren!

rick's cafe!!

av u eva been here?!

it was awesome!!!!

@usainbolt pic.twitter.com/JlP0QCvziH (원문)

Bolt today we visit william school big up amazing experience. 

we donated some funds to the school.1luv!  @usainbolt 

pic.twitter.com/hgVaHAwuna (원문)

we a deh pon 'smile jamaica' tek we in ! 

hope u can tek it in!! 8am !! @usainbolt 

pic.twitter.com/Po6Q8quecD (원문)

Today we gonna perform at Devon house in kingston jamaica!

4 pm!!

Hope u guyz come and have fun with us!!

Good to go! pic.twitter.com/5Esm9L7d7j (원문)

It was great to meet u last night! 

We gonna perform @ Devon house!  

It will b awesome if u can mek it! @usainbolt 

pic.twitter.com/6UnoAWHMw7 (원문)

김태호 PD 트위터 (@teoinmbc)

Ya Man~!! No Problem~!! 

pic.twitter.com/N9SpMXn0YJ (원문)

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